Sergey Kusheev - robotics

I studied at the Mozhaisky Military Space Engineering Academy in 1994-1996 in control systems for launch vehicles. Graduated from the Vologda State Technical University with a degree in power supply in 2001. In addition, I am a certified bibliographer and librarian (2006, St. Petersburg). First aid courses, rescue courses, nursing courses, medical brothers' courses and refresher courses in the speciality "Social educator, child psychologist" (2006).

Each child is a treasury of unique potential abilities! The level of development of these abilities will define at large extend the success of the person in life. The sooner the child begins to discover the world around him, the faster his hidden talents and abilities will manifest. But how to find the development path that is right for your child?

Trainers at the “Maison des Arts” Development Center offer you the comprehensive development program of your child: physical, intellectual, emotional and creative.

The program of our centre includes the following disciplines:
- acting skills and self-presentation
- choreography
- music theory
- vocal
- chess
- creative workshops
Masterclasses from specialists in various fields:
- robotics
- medicine
- chemistry
- cooking
- makeup basics and much more...
The age of students is from 5 to 12 years. Classes will be held on Saturdays.

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