Training program for children 5-7 years old

The program includes the following subjects:

It will help your child improve speech and memory, learn to manage their emotions and body, develop artistic taste and leadership qualities, become more attentive, and teach them to work in a team.

Contributes to the formation of singing skills: active articulation, sound study, intonation, body and breathing setting.

Music theory
This subject includes solfeggio, listening to music, auditory analysis, fostering the unity of auditory, emotional perception and logical thinking.

Rhythmics and dances
Formation of dance skills, correct posture, development of tempo-rhythmic memory. Students try themselves in different dance directions - from classical dance to modern dance.

Within the framework of the educational program of our centre, master classes of specialists in various fields will be held throughout the year:
- Robotics
- Medicine
- Chess
- Physics
- Makeup basics
- Cooking
- Mental arithmetic

Course duration:
September - July

Each Saturday from 10.00 am

Duration of classes:
4 lessons 45 minutes each